Friday, August 14, 2009

God's protection!

Thursday afternoon around 6:30 I received a phone call from the Sheriffs Department. The officer proceeded to ask if I had a daughter named Sarah and her back pack had been found at a near by park. The contents had been strewn all over: Her bible,journal,day planner,pens and pencils. My first question was if her cell phone was in it? Thankfully NO was her answer...or so I thought.

I have always stressed to my kids...especially the girls... stay in groups when going anywhere if possible. So to think something bad had happened was out of the question.I hung up the phone with dispatch and headed up to the park to retrieve Sarah's pack. I am calling her cell all the while. After many repeated attempts of reaching her I was beginning to listen to Satan's negative thoughts being sent my way. Why can't I simply keep my eyes on Jesus? When I do, I am so much more at peace.

Arriving at the park I saw a car similar to hers...more negative thoughts! Praise God it wasn't! As I pulled up next to the officer my mind was already exhausted, my husband had been out of town all week,I don't sleep well when he's gone.

I approached the officer with apprehension and really not sure what I should do. I am still trying to reach Sarah only getting a voicemail instead. It had been 4:30 since I last saw her. Thursday's she goes to a Bible study for college and career kids...that was where she was suppose to be! After about what seemed like several hours...only 15 minutes...I began calling my son who was in Florida...After leaving him a voice mail of urgency, he returned to my frantic voice. He attends the same study and would know someones number! He hung up and a few moments later called me back... she WAS at Bible study and would call me.

While waiting and trying to physically speak to my daughter...for peace of mind...the officer is patiently asking questions. Thinking about it now he was concerned too. He wasn't leaving until I spoke with her. How crazy is it for a policeman to find a back pack dumped out and track down the owner. They had to call several other families before they found us! Was he afraid something had happened to her?

After 25 minutes and me calling my son back for a number to her friend, I finally heard her sweet voice. Music to my ears! She didn't have a signal...thanks VERIZON! The pack had been left there on Wednesday...she had been there with a few friends. The absent minded daughter of mine causes her mom to just about have a nervous breakdown.

Our world is not what it use to be. Praise God the outcome turned out so much better than it could have. So many families live the nightmare I did, but theirs never ends.Just this week a local woman was snatched while walking a rural road. Just because you live away from the big city, don't think for one moment you are immune from crime.

Have you seen the movie "Taken"? Our girls are so naive. I have got to educate educate educate my daughters! I have really been thinking lately, why has God given me seven daughters? My boys are just as important and I love them dearly...they are just easier to raise in some ways. At times raising girls can be so much more intense. I'm very thankful the boys are around for extra eyes to watch them. We live in a fallen world full of evil. At times I have joked about moving to a deserted island somewhere...maybe I should consider it!

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